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  • "Public Image" (from Public Image: First Issue)
  • "Death Disco" (7" mix of the track from Metal Box)
  • "Memories" (from Metal Box)
  • "Careering" (from Metal Box)
  • "Flowers of Romance" (from The Flowers of Romance)
  • "This Is Not a Love Song" (from This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get)
  • "Rise" (new remix of the track from Album)
  • "Home" (from Album)
  • "Seattle" (from Happy?)
  • "The Body" (extended version of the track from Happy?)
  • "Rules and Regulations" (from Happy?)
  • "Disappointed" (extended version of the track from 9)
  • "Warrior" (remixed version of the track from 9)
  • "Don't Ask Me" (new track, also released as a single)

Public Image - Greatest Hits, So Far